The STAR concepts and models, including STAR Culture Concept, STAR Engagement Model, STAR Leadership Competences and TARGET Coaching Model are developed around the STAR Culture concept creating a comprehensive approach from building leadership competences, assessing and shaping a winning high-performing culture, to driving engagement in a well-planned and structured way.

STAR Culture

Since the first steps in 2007, the STAR Culture Model has been created through a thorough process of practical work, studies and research that was finalized in early 2016 resulting in a comprehensive model that addresses the contemporary business environment with the fast-changing conditions and the high mixtures of different generations of employees. After a series of tests, in 2018, the STAR Culture Model has been defined as we know it today.

STAR Engagement Model

STAR Engagement Model and Survey focus at the main engagement drivers, assessing their influence on the level of employee engagement, i.e. disengagement in the organization. From there, the model makes a connection with the elements of STAR Culture, giving a better picture on where the organization should focus in order to improve and drive employee engagement.

The 6 steps of the STAR Engagement Model (previously known as the 6 Steps Model) are designed to drive employee engagement in a structured way.

TARGET Coaching Model

TARGET Coaching Model is a focused solution-based approach that has the client, i.e. the coachee in the center (in the focus) of the coaching session. By placing the coachee in the center, with the TARGET Coaching Model, the coach ensures to bet here for the coachee throughout the session, focusing on, first, understanding the situation with its circumstances and, then, finding the right solutions that can be performed with the available resources.

STAR Leadership Competences

An updated version of the STAR Leadership Competences will follow.