Management Tips: #041-#050 (February 2020)

Management Tip #041: Focus on employee engagement and take time to understand it

Employee engagement has significant impact on various aspects of organization’s performance, as well as on some softer elements such as organizational culture, level of communication and collaboration within the organization.

There are 3 levels of engagement, having influence on employees performance and behaviors. The effects that they have on specific aspects of organization’s performance and existence differ from positive (engaged employees), neutral (not engaged) to negative impact (disengaged employees).

Engaged employees often look at the big picture and see where they fit in, thus contribute not only to the results of their unit, but to the results of the organization in whole.

Management Tip #042: Get yourself a coach or a mentor

Manager’s personal development is as important as the team development. Personal improvement has direct influence on manager’s and team’s growth and success. One of the way to grow further and in a more focused way is to get a personal coach or a mentor. The choice between one and the other will depend on what the manager needs to develop, i.e. personal traits and behaviors or skills. In any case getting a coach or a mentor is a must for every manager who wants to grow more than what he can do on his own.

Management Tip #043: Know when to have a 1-on-1 and when a team meeting

Contrary to the statement “there is no I in TEAM”, a team is actually consisted of many “I”s. In that manner, as a person who is managing the team, you should be aware when (for which topics) to organize team meetings, and when to sit with people 1-on1. While for some topics you will need to gather the team (brainstorming, status meetings, regular team meetings etc.), there are other topics that cannot be discussed at such meetings (personal issues, assessments, evaluation, feedback etc.)

Management Tip #044: Celebrate the wins

Measuring results is important as it is the way to see if goals have been achieved. Something that is as much important as measuring, is acknowledging and celebrating those achievements. You and your team need to pause, take a look at what you have achieved and give yourselves a credit for it. Celebrating wins boosts employee motivation and engagement by giving them a sense of achievement and satisfaction from their efforts and results.

Management Tip #045: Look for early wins

Sometimes you are at the beginning of a longer project, or you are about to enter into a change management process. One thing that can give you a sense of achievement and boost team morale in such cases are the early wins. At the beginning of your project, look for these opportunities for early wins, i.e.quick success. It will be beneficial for the rest of the journey.

Management Tip #046: Keep record of tasks you completed on top of your to-do list

There are times when we look back at the day or the week that has just passed, we know we worked a lot, but we cannot really see job done. This is usually caused by unexpected tasks coming to our list, or having a list full of trivial activities that spend our time and energy, but don’t get much done. To be able to get more sense of what you have completed and that your week hasn’t been a complete waste, keep record of your tasks on top of your to-do-list. Also note the small tasks that you usually don’t put them there. Beside giving a better picture of what you have completed, all these tasks on the list can be a good input to your prioritization analysis. Just to make sure that next week the same doesn’t happen.

Management Tip #047: Schedule regular 1-on-1 check-ins

One of manager’s most important tasks is managing the team. This doesn’t only happen by managing them as a whole, but also by dedicating personal time for each of your team members. scheduling regular 1-on-1 check-ins is a great way to stay connected to them, check on their development, progress and achievements, as well as, their concerns, levels of engagement, satisfaction etc. By scheduling these meetings, you can also spend time with them talking about their needs, ideas and aspirations. You can schedule monthly or bi-monthly meetings.

Management Tip #048: Resolve cross-department conflicts in a constructive and timely manner

Having discussed about conflict management in one of the previous #ManagementTips here I would stress out that as with the interpersonal conflicts, it is as important to resolve cross-department conflicts in a timely and constructive manner. By addressing them quickly you do not allow them to grow causing future problems in the cooperation and communication between the departments. By resolving them in a constructive way, you improve the relations between the departments.

Management Tip #049: Your team is the key to your success

As a manager you cannot succeed on your own. Your team is the key to your success. Whatever you do, you do it with your people and through your people. the larger the team you are managing, the more time you spend organizing and coordinating the team and less time in completing other tasks and activities. So, whatever you do, be aware of this. Especially be aware when you achieve great results. It is not only you who made it happen, it is all of them with you. Make sure you acknowledge that and give them recognition. Eventually, equip yourself with good and competent people that you will spend time to develop and engage.

Difficult times is what makes good leaders. Though, we would all want to cruise in peaceful waters, unfortunately there are many storms on the way. Difficulties are when you need to step up as a manager, stay strong, calm and optimistic. Whatever you reflect, the team will absorb and radiate. In that sense, make sure you maintain positive and optimistic attitude, focusing on the solutions, fixing what’s broken and getting the boat to better waters.

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